Cynthia Rowley Is One Happy Clam


Cynthia Rowley, a Montauker in summer, just got herself a clamming license. At a party in Chelsea this week, the designer whipped out her pink laminated clamming card when the conversation turned to mollusks. “I’m just trying to work out what I am — a musseler, a mussel hunter?” she said, admiring the card. “I got mine mostly for mussels that you get by snorkeling around piers in Montauk.” Rumor has it, she mollusk-hunts near a tasty new restaurant which just so happens to serve spaghetti with clams and chorizo.

“Clamming is easy, but a little too geriatric for me," added Rowley, who is a dedicated surfer and beach enthusiast. "You just wade in shallow water and feel for them with your toes. That’s the part that sorta grosses me out."