Daily Mail Rejoices in Gisele’s Somewhat Unfortunate Outfit


Gisele wore a nude Hervé Léger dress to an event to shill hair products, and the Daily Mail is smugly rejoicing over how supposedly bad it looks on her. The paper writes that "while her amazing post-baby figure has made plenty of new mothers green with envy, they can take a little comfort in the fact that, for once, the usually perfect model has put a foot wrong." Because women everywhere are just sitting around waiting for Gisele to get fat and look bad! True, the Léger — which is supposed to fit tighter than a wetsuit — doesn't fit her well. She needed either some tailoring or a size down, but at least her boobs aren't tragically saggy. The color is also kind of unfortunate, but she still looks pretty damn good. So rather than sit around and wait for her to inflate and break out in adult acne, maybe we should start appreciating her for the person that she is: the woman who has said repeatedly she got her freakishly good-looking post-baby body back through occasional yoga, which is practically comical, true or not. Also: the woman who has all the right genes but sometimes, all the wrong words.

Another reason to dislike Gisele: The supermodel makes the Herve Leger bandage dress look BAGGY [Daily Mail UK]