Tour the Studios of Jeremiah Goodman and Justen Ladda


For this edition of Design Hunting, I met with Bergdorf Goodman’s Nicholas Manville, the mastermind behind the store's Decorative Home department. His latest coup is a grand showing of furniture and home accessories by French designer Jean Boggio. After that, I trooped over to the New York International Gift Fair for a peek at Dean Rhys-Morgan's limited-edition giclée prints, and then down to the Lower East Side to tour the studio/apartment of artist Justen Ladda. I also visited Jeremiah Goodman's Upper East Side studio/apartment (where he keeps an impressive closet full of Creamware!), discovered Made Goods' recycled and found objects, unearthed a rare book of Babe Paley photos, and got an up-close look at a giant brocade nose. Click ahead to see photos of all of my design discoveries.