Fashion’s Night Out Fashion-Show Tickets Are (Currently) No Longer Available


Tickets to New York City's biggest public fashion show in history, concocted by Vogue in celebration of Fashion's Night Out, are no longer available online or by phone. However, word on Twitter is that scalpers are already selling tickets outside of Lincoln Center, where the show will take place for an audience of 1,500. We called Lincoln Center to ask about tickets, and the sales rep said they may still become available prior to the show. You just have to keep calling to find out, but you can call as much as you like. It's unclear what those tickets will cost. But if you didn't get tickets and wanted them, tell us: What are they worth to you, monetarily or otherwise? Your cat's nail clippings delivered in your favorite Prada pump with a live jellyfish? Never seeing a beach for the rest of your life? Giving Anna Wintour foot massages every hour on the hour? What?

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