Caroline Giuliani’s Incredible Post-Arrest Makeover

A star is born.

Caroline Giuliani was brought to a Manhattan police station for allegedly shoplifting from an Upper East Side Sephora on Wednesday afternoon, looking "frumpy," according to the Post, in a ratty NYU T-shirt, bangs all in her eyes, unsure of how to smile or act for the cameras. (See photo evidence here.) But at the station, while surely thinking about the severity of her actions, the aspiring actress, who is estranged from her famous pops, made sure to spend a few minutes in the bathroom giving herself a makeover, naturally. Emerging from the 19th Precinct, Giuliani was suddenly rocking a casually rolled-up Harvard sweatshirt (she's a student there), rosy cheeks, long, brushed hair, and a devilish smirk. "It will probably go down in history as the best jailhouse transformation ever," said celebrity stylist Khalilah Williams-Webb. Now, we certainly do not support this kind of behavior, but, wow. That's the kind of smile this girl's been ready to offer the cameras for years now, and we're pretty sure this isn't the last time we'll be seeing it in the papers.

'Giuliani daughter's quick change' [NYP]
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