Goldman Sachs Has Decided Jeggings Will Be a Big Back-to-School Fashion Item

Lloyd Legs Blankfein.

Jeggings are the pants that just won't quit. Since Topshop introduced the term en masse in May of last year, the bottoms have crawled from the back racks and dredges of e-shops to the forefront of our nation's shopping consciousness. Even Wall Street has caught on — Goldman Sachs most notably. The bank just came out with a very important official back-to-school trend report that identifies jeggings as a strong seller, which caused Business Insider to imagine Lloyd Blankfein wearing the jeggings himself. So for all of you wondering what he looks like wearing an acid-wash pair in his natural habitat, our photo editors have put that together for you here. And he is rocking those pants like pants have never been rocked before. So figure-flattering!

Goldman Sachs Says Jeggings Are Going To Be This Year's Big Fashion Trend [Business Insider]