Grace Coddington Is Working on a Memoir


Vogue creative director Grace Coddington is riding out her September Issue movie fame with a new project that is much classier than reality TV. Coddington is working on a memoir with the help of ex–Men's Vogue editor James Fielden. The two have signed with top literary agent Elyse Cheyney and plan to shop the book this fall. Coddington hopes it will be "very rich in fashion history" and cover more than her life as a model in the sixties who fell victim to a brutal car accident before climbing her way to the top of the masthead at British and later American Vogue. Fielden has been following Coddington around at fashion shows and events and interviewing her friends and colleagues for the proposal. There might not be Mogue after Mogue (well, not yet, anyway), but at least he still has plenty of girly fashion things to write about.