Hopefully You Saw the Costume Institute’s ‘American Woman’ Exhibit


The Costume Institute's latest exhibit, "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity," which was inaugurated with a ball sponsored by the Gap and attended by Lady Gaga, ended on Sunday. So hopefully you saw it if you had wanted to. Turns out more people were interested in seeing this one than last year's exhibit, which was about models as muses and how they embody fashion. This year 335,000 people visited the exhibit for some friendly, Oprah-endorsed, American-fashion enlightenment, while only 297,000 went last year to ogle the best-looking women of modern times and leave with an undoubtedly refreshed sense of self-esteem. The museum also says Sarah Jessica Parker's audio tour of the "American Woman" exhibit was pretty popular, perhaps seen as a good way to get that "I couldn't help but wonder" fix without seeing Sex and the City 2. In fact, maybe this exhibit did so well because it served as a substitute for everyone afraid to see that movie after the pitiful reviews. After all, the Sex and the City empire, in essence, is founded on American fashion.

And if you missed the exhibit, check it out in our video of the Met and Brooklyn Museum's installations.