A Style Blog Worth Bookmarking


In a phrase he borrowed from No Age, Joey. magazine founder Aaron Richter just wants “to make rad shit with cool people.” And so far, he’s doing just that. The freelance photographer, editor, and art director’s online publication officially launches next month, but there’s plenty of content available now on Joey’s style-centric Joey Journal blog.

A quick browse reveals vintage Kate Moss videos, profiles of up-and-coming models, and a photo shoot with Alexis Kraus of Sleigh Bells, all of which fall under the inaugural issue’s "Cool, Girls, Fashion" theme. “Just those three words,” Richter explained. “Not necessarily a sentence or phrase. I just gave those three words to my photographers and told them to interpret them however they want.”

Eventually Richter plans to add a gallery shop to his photo-heavy magazine, where visitors can browse prints by the publication’s contributors. But for now, he’s just happy to have an online platform. “I come in contact with a lot of really awesome, creative people,” he said. “This was my way to encourage them to step outside of their boundaries and push a little further.”