In a Poll About ‘Promiscuous’ Clothing, Men Found Pencil Skirts Sluttier Than Miniskirts

Blake Lively wore this dress in December.

A website in London conducted a survey to find out which fashion trends men think make women look "promiscuous." The results just prove that the people polled know nothing about fashion — quite possibly life, as well:

1) The ‘Bodycon’ Dress - 57%

2) Crop Tops- 53%

3) Corset Tops- 51%

4) Lace - 45%

5) ‘Underwear as Outerwear’ - 43%

6) Pencil Skirts - 38%

7) Knee-High Boots - 32%

8) Stiletto High Heels - 29%

9) Mini Skirts - 22%

10) Hipster Jeans - 19%

There should be a too-easy "sky is blue" joke in here, but no, they had to go and ruin that for us by coming up with all the wrong answers. Everyone knows a miniskirt is sluttier than a pencil skirt. And how did underwear as outerwear come in at No. 5? Perhaps the men answering this poll don't know what these fashion terms mean, which is why the results came out this way. Then again, 24 percent said they "wouldn't allow" their significant others to go out on the town in something they "disapproved of," which further exhibits the delusion of this bunch, if they believe they function romantically as walking dress-code czars. This is why it doesn't matter what the men who do these polls think of women's clothes.

Which fashion trends do men equate with promiscuity? [Grazia UK]