Katie Holmes Gets Cute With Cupcakes for J.Crew


Katie Holmes has always had that J.Crew model look, especially back in her khaki-loving, boat-rowing Joey Potter days. In fact, Dawson’s Creek fans may hazily remember someone (probably Jen!) joking about this very resemblance. So it only makes sense for Holmes to star in an actual J.Crew photo shoot, alongside her co-stars from The Romantics, which the label dressed in the movie. The actress dances with Josh Duhamel, while Malin Åkerman, Adam Brody, Jeremy Strong, and Rebecca Lawrence eat cupcakes and engage in cutesy behavior with the icing. The images certainly have creative director Jenna Lyons's touch, which makes you think, Oh, hey! I have a sparkly dress, and a denim jacket, and a rustic leather belt! Why not wear them all together?

J.Crew's 'The Romantics' Photo Shoot - Starring Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel [StyleList]