Liam Gallagher Appears Confused in His New Look Book

Are you there, desert boot? It's me, Liam.

Liam Gallagher, bad boy musician turned bad boy designer and seeker of the perfect desert boot, was the first to admit that he doesn’t “know anything about fashion.” His lack of expertise didn’t seem to deter British shoppers, though, who pledged their allegiance to his to-hell-with-skinny-jeans anthem and zealously swarmed to buy out the collection as soon as it launched. But that’s all in the past now, and it seems that Liam’s gotten the hang of the whole fashion-designing thing after two years: He modeled and styled the entire look book for his new autumn/winter 2010 collection, which was a spot more imaginative than seasons past. (Well, okay, there was one red velvet peacoat; the rest was comprised of mostly unmemorable crewneck tees, wool cardigans, and a skimpy-looking scarf. But hey, baby steps!)

In addition to the red peacoat, there was one more decidedly un-boring aspect to the Pretty Green book: the look of utter bewilderment on Liam Gallagher’s face. In every shot, his brow is furrowed in deep thought, his lips are pursed with concentration, and he often looks skyward, as if perusing the heavens for the answer to some baffling sartorial quandary. Confusion like this does not come just from being shoved up against a bland gray background for hours with a photographer named Boo. Nay, it comes from a far deeper, darker, more emotional unknown, where one confronts questions about logo placement on T-shirts, or what the perfect desert boot really might be.