Madonna Sued for Naming Her Macy’s Line ‘Material Girl’


Maybe there's no point in being the Material Girl if the material you create for girls 25 years after you become the Material Girl can't bear that label. L.A. Triumph Inc. is suing Madonna for trademark infringement, claiming they have been marketing and making millions off their own Material Girl clothing line since 1997. The company wants authorities to officially decide that Madonna's new Macy's juniors' Material Girl line is deceiving, and that Madonna must give them all profits from the Macy's line. This sounds like creative legalese that Madonna can probably buy her way out of since she is the Material Girl. But if she has to change the name of the Macy's line, "Like a Virgin" is equally iconic and, the clothes being targeted to 14-year-olds, much funnier.

Madonna Accused of 'Material Girl' Theft [TMZ]