Nina Garcia Thinks Fashion Editors Need to Be on TV, Whether They Want to or Not


Nina Garcia was unsure of signing on to judge Project Runway when Bravo first approached her. In fact, she only did it because she learned famous people like Michael Kors and Heidi Klum were going to do it. But now, that's all changed and she thinks fashion editors have to do much more than just work on their magazines.

“The fashion editor as it used to be has changed,” Ms. Garcia said, over lunch in the cafeteria at the Hearst Tower on West 57th Street, where Marie Claire is published. She wore a black silk tunic top by Michael Kors (a fellow judge) and a Zara skirt that barely hid her bulge from being six months pregnant. “Now you have to wear many hats, and whoever tells you differently is wrong. Now you’re on TV, whether you want it or not.”

Well, plenty of people in fashion — and people in general — like attention, so that can't be too much of a problem.

And though Garcia can tell any woman what to wear for nearly any awkward situation (meeting the boyfriend's parents, going to your sister's wedding to the guy you used to sleep with), she's unsure of what to wear to Fashion Week, which she will have to attend seven months pregnant.

“That,” she said, “will be a vexing situation.”

It's the perfect opportunity for a new reality-TV spinoff show: Running While Pregnant in Heels at Fashion Week.

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