Olivier Zahm’s Ex-Girlfriend Agreed to See Him Again, and He Blogged About It


Good news for proponents of Olivier Zahm's "alternative love lifestyle": After the Purple editor blogged that he was unceremoniously dumped by his "primary lover," Natacha Ramsay, we were disheartened to learn that not only can glorified swingers have their hearts broken, but even rebounding is then kind of anticlimactic, since they were sleeping with other people in the first place. But now we see that alternative lovers are just like everyone else, crying to their friends and demanding "closure." After flying to New York to have some fun with Terry Richardson in Washington Square Park, Zahm now writes:

"Thank you so so much for all the messages of love you send me during this dark period. It has helped me tremendously to start to slowly kill the pain. Natacha Ramsay finally accepted to stop her love escape in Maine for one day and come to see me here in New York. This symbolic gesture will help me to peacefully let her go in her new life."

To be honest, given Zahm's general joie de vivre and fast-paced lifestyle, we sort of doubt it'll go that smoothly, but we look forward to hearing all about it anyway.

Dear Friends 2 [Purple Diary]