Paris Almost Nailed Her New Mug Shot


Mug shots are the most unforgiving of photo shoots. The downcast lighting and unforgiving camera angle highlight every sagging eye bag, sallow cheek, and oily pore that look the worst in the wee hours of the morning, when the hangover is just beginning to set in and many of the most unflattering celebrity mug shots are taken. Paris Hilton, however, is a mug-shot unicorn: She always avoids looking like she got dragged there from the floor of a wrecked Maybach, instead looking fresh and lovely, like she walked off the set of a Swiffer commercial. Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal told us, "I love how she knows what her angles are," and praised her signature swooped-to-one-side mug shot do. Her latest mug shot, taken Friday night in Vegas, is also mighty impressive from a hair and makeup standpoint, although she could have used an extra half a second to open up her lazy eye. Cops took her in after they followed the smell of pot to her Escalade, and then saw her accidentally produce a bag of cocaine from her purse when she pulled out her lip balm. You can tell she's done this a few times because, though she looks a little stressed out in the eyes, her hair is remarkably flyaway-free.

Paris just snorts at coke bust in Vegas
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