Stencils and Quilts Inspire Serial Cultura’s Dizzying Digital Prints


By day, Jennifer Jennings is part of a pool of designers freelancing for Bay Area corporate brands; after 5 p.m., though, she's hunched over collages, quilt patterns, and stencils developing her own vivid line, Serial Cultura. The Oakland-based designer studied fiber arts in college, then honed her draping and pattern-making skills at Parsons in the early aughts. She launched her collection three years ago, projecting her striking digital prints onto silk, satin, and cashmere.

The seasonal prints are works of textile art in themselves, inspired by original paintings, patchwork quilts, hand-dyed photos, and more. The spring line began with collages compiled from old books and magazines, while fall evolved from a graphic series of stencil art. Jennings works minimally with the fabrics, preferring simple, body-wrapping silhouettes cut from one or two pieces to showcase the dizzying prints. This month, she continues to expand her bi-coastal scope: Her fall collection will be available at Oak, Convent, Castor & Pollux, and TG-170. Click ahead for a preview of what's in store.