Reader Look Book: Call for Submissions

Who loves short shorts? Cut readers do!

See those finely clothed ladies above? They're all Cut readers who've uploaded pics of their best outfits to our Reader Look Book. We're digging their style, of course, but what about yours? Yeah, you. The one who reads these posts, maybe even leaves a snarky comment now and again, but never ever, EVER submits their own pics. Let's turn those tables! Share with the rest of the class what you're wearing right now, or wore yesterday, or last weekend, even earlier this summer. It's criminally easy to do (just use the tool below) and only takes a few minutes (when you submit the pic, you should tell us what you're wearing, where you got it, and what inspired the look). Our favorite outfits get mucho public love right here.

Need more explicit instruction on how to use the tool? Go here.