Richie Rich Plans to Drag Unsuspecting Opera Fans to His NYFW Show


The always lively Richie Rich managed to score the plum nine o'clock time slot on opening night of New York Fashion Week, and he told us his show will be the usual "razzle-dazzle," with the theme "Popluxe." Explain? "It's about pop culture in general, and my life in New York so far, and my friends. I like a resurgence of naughtiness; S&M mixed with a sort of debutante ball, but pretty, pretty, pretty," he said at last night's party for Marc Ecko Cut & Sew's trippy new Lindsay Lohan–as-hologram ad campaign. Since this year's NYFW will take place at Lincoln Center while the center's cultural calendar continues as normal, the designer has decided to ambush unsuspecting Lincoln-goers and incorporate them into his show: "I think it'll be fun because we can just find some cool opera fans and drag them into fashion and show them something different!" We're sure they'll love that.

Rich, a friend of Lohan's, didn't play with her hologram likeness, surrounding us at the party, but what if he could do anything to the starlet? "I'd make glitter come out of her pores, because I know it's there. No matter what that girl does, she looks amazing." He hasn't talked to Lohan since before she went to the slammer, but said he doubted the incident would hurt her career: "I mean, it's all celebrity. I heard she's going to write a book." He added: "I just hope she stays in rehab and puts her mind around the fact that she has an amazing opportunity that a million girls would kill for. She has the life that girls dream about. When you're living it, sometimes it doesn't really feel that way because of your personality or your past, but sometimes you just need a slap in the face to realize it really is amazing."