See Jennifer Aniston in Apparently Unretouched Photos


Retouching makes it hard to remember that celebrities are not robots with insides of metal gears and circuit boards encased in powdered latex, but people with frown lines, freckles, and flyaways. Oh No They Didn't dug up what appear to be unretouched pictures of Jennifer Aniston from her May 2006 Harper's Bazaar cover shoot. Some of them highlight striking differences from how Aniston looks in her not entirely dissimilar fragrance ads. The unretouched shots bear the watermark of Management + Artists photo syndication agency, so maybe that's where they leaked from, though the source is unclear. But that's almost beside the point, because ZOMGGGG she has lines in her forehead.

Jen Aniston looking so fucking sexy [Oh No They Didn't]

Update: The original LiveJournal posting has been removed.