Small Icelandic Fashion Label Accuses Beyoncé of Ripping Off Leggings Design


While the fashion world moves from studded things, tight leather pants, and other hard-edged biker or rock-and-roll looks into a more feminine direction, Beyoncé writhes in a pair of passé bottoms in her new Deréon campaign. E-label, a small Icelandic fashion brand, is more captivated by these than by the tattoo of a spine on her back, because they think she ripped off one of their designs, which you see pictured here: a pair of black studded fupa pants.

"This is naturally huge, and I am still half in shock," E-label's Helba Hallgrimsdottir told the source.

"I didn't twig straight away that this was her own label: I just thought she was wearing our leggings.

"It is practically just copy/paste."

StyleList notes that Beyoncé's pants aren't exactly the same, since they don't have quite as many studs. Bey's pants also don't seem to have the gathered waist and therefore inherent threat of fupa. E-label believes Beyoncé bought the pants at Topshop last November, which would make sense, as they are very last-November-looking. And they may sue — but they may not, because there are no official laws that say Beyoncé committed any crimes, even if she did intentionally copy the pants. Yes, there are theoretical crimes involved in wearing garments like these, but on paper, she'll be okay.

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