Sources Say Kimora Lee Simmons Didn’t Leave Baby Phat — Baby Phat Left Her


Late last week Kimora Lee Simmons announced on Twitter that she would leave the Kellwood Corporation–owned Baby Phat label behind to focus on her other many fashion labels. The stream of tweets that followed, including the profound "DEADWOOOOD!!!! :0," were bitter and telling. Today, "Page Six" reports that Kimora didn't leave Kellwood — Kellwood "unceremoniously dumped" her, according to a source. Another source told the paper that firing Kimora may have been a cost-cutting measure.

"Kimora was going over-budget. She'd pay herself a fee to be in the ads, plus she paid her children fees to appear in ads. It costs thousands of dollars to airbrush her because she's a size 10. Plus, they spent a ton of money on body doubles. They would shoot another model in the clothes, and take Kimora's head and put in on her body."

So maybe she should have let the modeling go, and her story is just another of when slash careers fail. Doing two things at once isn't always the best thing, unless you're Beyoncé, who can do everything at once all the time.

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