Pop Stars’ Craziest Outfits Can Now Be Delivered to Your Door

This could be yours.

For those of you who fantasize about dressing like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or Fergie, meet NotJustALabel.com. The site displays pictures of celebrities wearing head-turning outfits, and when shoppers click on the pics, they're directed to the outfit designer's for-sale online collections. Participants include Tokyo designer Yuima Nakazato (of Fergie costume fame), as well as, Grazia reports, "items worn on and off stage by Estelle, La Roux, and Lady Gaga, including London milliner Piers Atkinson and futuristic womenswear designer Gemma Slack." For the (slightly) less outlandish celebrity style-stalker, Lily Cole's fashion ensembles are also on offer. [Grazia UK]