The Kardashians Collaborated With Janie Bryant on a Clothing Line [Updated]


Guess what! The Kardashians are coming to Fashion's Night Out! But of course they are, because they've figured out that their fame comes from going everywhere celebrities go and doing everything celebrities do, with other celebrities and talented people around to transfer fame and credibility over to them and confuse the masses. It's a sneaky game, but, sadly, a highly effective one. Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are working on a clothing line for QVC with Mad Men's brilliant costume designer, Janie Bryant. The line, which is for curvy women, is called K-Dash and will launch at FNO on September 10. But we won't be confused. Janie Bryant is genius, talented, and should have as many lines as QVC wants to give her (she already has her own, Mod by Janie Bryant). But now the Kardashians will be there, doing nothing more than deflecting attention by wearing so many beauty products people will be staring just to see if their faces fall off.

Kardashian sisters working on 'curvy' clothing line [Page Six/NYP]

Update: The Post erroneously reported that Bryant is collaborating with the Kardashians, when in fact Bryant and the Kardashains actually have separate QVC lines. Each line will debut at the QVC pop-up shop at Fashion's Night Out, Bryant's rep confirms. Whew!