The People Who Made Katy Perry’s Light-Up Met Gala Dress Just Came Out With a Cell-Phone Dress


Cute Circuit turned Katy Perry into the scab of this year's Met Gala, dressing her in a gown that lit up like some sort of undiscovered deep-sea octopus. In their quest to continue fusing fashion with technology, the label has come out with a dress that doubles as a cell phone and functions like a land line. To answer the phone, you raise your arm, and to hang up, you drop your arm to your side. All you have to do is stick your SIM card in the sleeve. But it might come with unknown health hazards, depending on whether or not you believe your cell phone is giving you cancer.

The antenna, described as “super-tiny”, is stitched into the bottom hem of the dress, which rests at about knee-height, to reduce the amount of radiation that the wearer is exposed to.

And of course you can't text or BBM or watch YouTube or chronicle every part of your life with an app in this garment. But you can look like a crazy person talking to her own hand.

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