The Situation’s Nicknamed Friend Models a Situation-Designed Tank Top


A first look of the Situation's clothing line has surfaced, and no thanks to serious Internet fashion forum the Fashion Spot, if you can imagine. Rather, the design collaborator posted on his Facebook page, his personal Fashion Spot, a shot of his friend, whose nickname also begins spectacularly with an article — "the Unit" — wearing a tank top from his line for Dilligaf. It may be too soon to review the collection with only this cursory look, but we'll take the leap and just say it: Something is lacking.

Dilligaf stands for "Do I Look Like I Give a Fuck," which seems to be the exact problem with the Situation's separates. Whereas his Jersey Shore co-star J-WOWW's clothing line gets across her particular trashtacular sensibility, visually assaulting prospective customers with questions like, "Are these clothes or underwear?" and "Is she consulted by the costume designers who used to dress go-go dancers at M2?," the Situation's clothing line utterly lacks point of view. It looks like any old tattoo print. And obscured with a fat neck chain as the Unit wears it, the word "Situation" on this tank could easily be mistakenly read as "Station," and someone named the Station probably already rolls in their crew — so this sort of sloppiness could get ugly. But the Situation is new to this; maybe he'll learn.

The Situation Launches His Clothing Line, as Modeled by The Unit [Racked]