Todd Selby Digs ‘Dad Socks’


When we cornered photographer Todd Selby at a Cole Haan party last night and asked him about his favorite fall looks, he first played coy: "I don't really follow trends. I more just take pictures of people who look really interesting, you know?" But then he finally caved, professing his love for the "dad socks" that are so hot for fall: "Well, I've noticed that girls are wearing a lot of black socks this summer, and I'm into it. It's like, so bad it's good," he confessed. He's such a fan of the look that he's even been pushing it on his girlfriend. "I've been pointing it out to my girlfriend and being like, 'Look! Look at those black dad socks!' I'm into that. I support that." Does he have a shoe-pairing preference? "Socks and sandals," he mused. "I think that's how people are doing it." He even thinks the trend has legs: "That was big this summer and I think we'll be seeing it in the fall, too … We'll see, though, maybe I'm wrong. I've been wrong before."