Vanity Fair Tells Us What We Already Know: Rich People Can Afford to Dress Well

The best-dressed girl in the whole wide world?

Congratulations, Tatiana Santo Domingo, for being named the Best Dressed Person in the World, according to Vanity Fair. Santo Domingo is a U.S.-born Colombian-Brazilian socialite and heiress, who says her residence is "Nowhere!" and her favorite piece of jewelry is "a 500-year-old ring from the Majapahit Kingdom given to me by my godfather.” Oh, wow, us too!

Jezebel astutely notes that of the 45 people on the list, twelve are "Socialites/Heiresses/Heirs/Spawn of Rich & Famous" people, five are royalty, three are First Ladies, and only two are black (Michelle Obama and Pharell Williams). A shame, of course, but not entirely surprising given the mag's past cover controversies. Of course, lists like these are totally arbitrary. What's the big reveal — that rich people can afford to dress well? Bravo, VF, you really broke the news with that one.

Griping aside, we do have to give props for a few of the list's riskier picks, including adorable Alber Elbaz, handsome Waris Ahluwalia, and batcrap-crazy (in the best way possible) Helena Bonham Carter.

[VF via Jezebel]