Video: H&M Teases Next Designer Collaborations


H&M is drumming up publicity for its next designer collaboration by making us guess WHO. They've released teaser videos of a man and woman talking vaguely about women and fashion. Some speculate the dude is Bottega Veneta designer Tomas Maier. Meanwhile, names of the woman that have been bandied around include Carolina Herrera and Pam Hogg, though the former seems unlikely to us. Then again, online commenters have also raised the possibility of H&M using voice-overs, which would be intensely secretive behavior for a little online video marketing. But this is the clothing business, and nothing is valued more than information that is not known until those in control decide the world should know it.

Tomas Maier for H&M? Retailer Teases Upcoming Designer Collaborations [Fashionologie]