Video: Watch Tavi Style a Model One Year Older Than She Is


At least you can say, when Tavi is the stylist on a fashion shoot, that the model isn't the youngest person working on the set. In behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot Tavi styled for BlackBook's September issue, that is all too obvious. The tiny 14-year-old fashion blogger seems to take a practical approach to her work. While we've seen Rachel Zoe wear her tranny stiletto platform boots to the beach, Tavi runs around the forest in sweet little flats. Her choices for 15-year-old model Christine Staub make a little less sense, as they tend to do in this industry, but if you had the chance to make someone wear a bra outside their clothes, wouldn't you seize it, too? What Zoe understands so well — and what Tavi may be beginning to grasp — is that every stylist needs a dash of tranny.

Video: Tavi Goes to Work on Her First Styling Gig [BlackBook]
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