A Thief Strikes the Tents!


If a pickpocket were looking for a place to really clean up, Fashion Week wouldn't be a bad place to do it. Plenty of people are too busy posing — and looking like they're trying not to — to worry about their pocket contents or bags getting swiped. But the photographer pit is a different story. There, people work hard without worrying about how they look doing it, focused only on getting those all-important runway shots. WWD reports that a thief that has infiltrated the tents targeted a photographer and photographer's assistant at the Michael Kors show yesterday morning, swiping cash from the photographer, and credit cards and MetroCards from the assistant. WWD wonders, "What do the criminals have against Chanel handbags?" They might be afraid of being too obvious. Or perhaps looking gauche.

Theft at Lincoln Center [WWD]