A Walk on the Moon With Risto Bimbiloski

Models in Risto Bimbiloski's spring 2011 show.

Risto Bimbiloski is well-known for his obsession with all things celestial, so it's not surprising that his spring-summer 2011 collection was all about the moon. Lunar prints were everywhere, from the trenches that opened and closed the show to the dramatic dresses in between. Also covetable: a pair of knit hot pants (he's also big into knits, having served as knitwear designer for Louis Vuitton) in eye-popping neon. We caught up with our favorite Macedonian after the show and he filled us in on the details. "I always watch her," he says of the moon. "I just got a new telescope and I watch her from my window. I think it's something that's kind of interconnecting everybody, and it's there all the time, so it's inevitable as an inspiration." How does it feel to have just completed his third New York Fashion Week? "Like a trip from the moon. No, it was really great, I really feel like we were tripping somewhere and we came back." Asked if he's ever worn anything that he's regretted, Risto stays charmingly on theme: "I regret not to have worn an astronaut outfit."