Agyness Deyn Walked Alexander Wang’s Show Because He Killed a Giant Cockroach for Her


Backstage yesterday at the Alexander Wang show, Agyness Deyn prepared for her first turn down the runway for the spring 2011 season. "I wasn’t going to do the shows, but you know, Alex called, and I love him," Deyn told us. "He killed a cockroach in our house at Coachella, so she owes him," her friend and business partner Fiona Byrne interjected. "We were at Coachella, and we all had a house together," Deyn explained. "There were like seventeen of us," Byrne added. "And Alex came to our party — we had a pretty wild party — and we had this huge insect in this house, and he high-kicked and nearly put his foot through the wall and killed this thing, so I kind of owe him," Deyn said. Though actually, Byrne clarified, maybe he owes her: "He did us a favor by killing the cockroach, but then he left a massive footprint on the wall, which we had to pay for — thanks, Alex."

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When she's not doing runway, Deyn filters pitches for her new online magazine Naag. "Most of our shoots are pitches made by freelance photographers and stylists, who just have ideas and want a place to put them," Byrne explained. "So really, most of the shoots that have been commissioned, out of all of them, so far we’ve only come up with maybe two ideas." So was this a call for the world to bug Deyn with submissions? "Bug away," Deyn answered. "Everyone e-mail me:"