Alexis Bittar’s Amazing Post-Recession Jewelry Catsuit


Alexis Bittar, one of the city's most dynamic jewelry designers, just released his resort 2011 look book, and it's loaded with so much amazingness, we can hardly contain ourselves. It's page after page after glorious page of spotlessly clean mannequins doing everyday things (thinking, running, lunging, high-fiving, and, uh, playing doctor?), all while wearing Bittar's eye-catching necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. The mannequins alone are reason enough to re-wallpaper your cubicle, but throw in the FULL-BODY JEWELRY CATSUIT (picture nine in the slideshow ahead), and, ZOMG, head explosion. Let's all take bets in the comments section as to which pop diva will wear it first.