André Leon Talley Is Letting His Ankles Breathe and His Purse Shine This Season

From left, André in the tents today, at Carolina Herrera yesterday, and at a pre–Fashion Week ANTM event last Wednesday.

The weather has been the easy breezy pleasantly transitional type this Fashion Week. It hasn't been dreadfully hot nor dreadfully cold, allowing fashion people to wear jackets and tights as their whims dictate, rather than the weather. Of course some industry people's whims are more important than others', namely those who seem to gravitate toward certain trends to exhibit their tastes of the moment, rather than to make a plea for attention. Vogue's André Leon Tally is one of these people. What sort of sartorial moment has swept him up in its mighty embrace this Fashion Week? Shorts! And a statement bag! His signature croc coats in striking hues like olive green still shroud him, but he's off-setting those color-treated skins with his bare calves and nice loafers rather than long pants. Also exciting in the world of Vogue editor fashion is the leopard-printed bag Talley was seen clutching like a new puppy in the front row of the Carolina Herrera show yesterday. A press release sent out today informs us that the bag is by Kotur, and that Talley has the leopard haircalf version. That print is a big trend this fall, so Talley is at once quite on trend and quite in season. It's a good thing, too, because the last thing that at least Tom Ford wants to see is someone offending him with next season's clothes.