Best Bet: We Love New York Perfumes


The phrase "smells of New York" can evoke different things for different people — hot, chewy Murray's Bagels or a stroll along the Highline if you're an optimist ... or stanky, leaky garbage bags and eau de aggressively un-deodorized cab driver if you're a pessimist. Fortunately, for Honoré des Prés' newest trio of fragrances, Parisian perfumer Olivia Giacobetti didn't try to bottle the city as it currently smells; rather, she whipped up little olfactory love letters with names like Vamp (juicy tuberose, warm rum), I Love Les Carottes (crisp carrots, sweet vanilla), and Love Coco (candied coconut, white cedar) in homage. The fragrances, which are sold in cheeky Starbucks-like takeout cups, aren't cheap, but one spritz lasts all day. Perfume with mileage? Love the smell of that.

Honoré des Prés We Love New York fragrances, $98 each at Space NK or online.