Boardwalk Empire Will Feature Custom-Made Suits Fit for a Gangster

Vincent Piazza, Greg Antonacci, and Michael Kenneth Williams

At Bloomingdale's Boardwalk Empire–themed Fashion's Night Out party, the series' stars, Vincent Piazza and Greg Antonacci, told us fashion plays a role on the upcoming HBO show. "I'm kind of into fashion," Piazza admitted."The characters that we play on the show are Italian gangsters in 1920, and back then suits were very important. Suits were custom-tailored, handmade. It was basically their first impression on the world when they'd meet people. So [the Boardwalk Empire costumes] are custom-made. They were very particular about what was in fashion in 1920 versus 1921."

Antonacci said he's less into fashion: "I wear clothes." And the show hasn't really changed his disinterest. "I learned why they were so mean back then: because the clothes were so uncomfortable that they made you want to shoot somebody. High buttons, starched collars, stiff shirts, the ties, everything was buttoned to something else. There were suspenders!" He added that he wasn't going to see any shows this week. "This is as fashionable as I get."