Courtney Love Is a Great Personal-Style Blogger


Personal-style bloggers face a very real challenge in finding ways to take pictures of themselves wearing clothes in different ways. They can't just go to the same dusty gas station, day in, day out, with the same sleepy-eyed look and same forlorn attitude. They have to mix it up, try new things, use new props, and visit new places that best showcase their spirits and, well, personal styles. Whether it's dancing in the night with a dream catcher, or standing expressionless in a wooden cabin, or visiting the clam-chowder house in Montauk, the creativity of a good personal-style blogger can never take a vacation — what they do is just as important as what they wear when they do it. Courtney Love is relatively new to the profession, but she seems to have a visceral understanding of this principal. Today she posted photos of herself alone in first class, reading a book, relaxing, putting something in her drink (a tea bag, maybe), and looking completely out of place while doing it. Bravo, Courtney! Now all she needs are pictures that aren't always blurry and she might just become the No. 1 personal-style blogger on the Net.

whatever comes [What Courtney Wore Today]