Daniel Vosovic’s Dirt Runway Only Natural for Nature-Inspired Collection

Daniel Vosovic's spring 2011 collection.

“I always gravitate toward some sort of natural elements in my work,” said Daniel Vosovic of his spring 2011 collection, which walked yesterday on a runway made of dirt. The Project Runway alum started experimenting with digital printing last season, so what looks like an abstract print is actually a close-up photo of wolf fur, deer fur, burnt ash, and wood. But flora and fauna weren’t the only inspirations; Vosovic also looked to Elizabeth Taylor in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? “I loved the fact that she could go through a sex romp, hours and hours of drinking, and still look glamorous,” he mused. “You can see that my show’s hair and makeup at one time, maybe ten hours ago, was a completely polished look, but my woman would never wear a polished chignon.”

See the full collection here.