Pauly D Ditches the Spikes; Reality TV Awards Brides-to-Be With Plastic Surgery

You can take away Pauly's spikes, but you'll never take his gel.

• Behold: Jersey Shore’s Pauly D with spikeless hair! [Style List]

• Gwen Stefani twisted her locks into tiny braids and buns, and then looped everything together for L.A.M.B.’s latest runway show. [Bella Sugar]

• Alexis Bledel dyed her strands a coppery shade of red. [Bella Sugar]

Jason Wu’s models rocked leather-textured nails at his Spring 2011 show. [The Girls in the Beauty Dept./]

• Makeup artist Angela Levin gives her tips on how to define your lips and make color last all day. [Bella Sugar]

• Paco Underhill, founding president of New York marketing company Envirosell, says the key to boosting sales of men’s grooming products is to appeal to “the Caterpillar tractor driver or Harley-Davidson rider” by using sex and humor in advertisements. [WWD]

• A disturbing new reality show called Bridalplasty pits brides-to-be against one another for a grand prize of ... plastic surgery. Yes, really. [Jezebel]