Exclusive Video: Sara Ziff’s Picture Me Mini-series, Part Two


Earlier this week, we posted the first installment in Sara Ziff and Ole Schell's Cut-exclusive mini-series about the traditionally very closed-off world of modeling. Each webisode explores a topic Ziff and Schell tackle in their documentary, Picture Me, which opens Friday at Angelika Film Center (watch the original trailer here); themes to date include youth, money, and exploitation.

The piece after the jump was shot outside yesterday's Rodarte show in Chelsea, and includes interviews with models Karolina Kurkova and Anja Rubik, fashion writer Derek Blasberg, and Harper's Bazaar backstage photographer Sean Cunningham. Says Ziff, "It's very important to understand that there is a stark difference between what happens here, at New York Fashion Week, and what happens lower down the food chain. The few who really succeed in this business, like Karolina Kurkova, are pampered with first-class travel and can earn fortunes. But many are saddled with debt and, in some cases, even pimped out by their agencies as arm candy — and sometimes more — to influential clients and rich friends. This borderline prostitution goes on even at some top agencies."