Fascinating Video: Madonna and Lourdes Do a Joint Interview About Clothing


Madonna has said she chose to do a lot of press for her Macy's Material Girl line herself rather than letting Lourdes do it so that her daughter could focus on school, not necessarily so that Madonna could get more attention. Hmmm. "Eventually I will let her," Madge promised in March. Well, that eventually seems to be upon the world, because the mother and daughter appeared on a pink carpet outside of the Herald Square Macy's last night to promote the line and did a rare interview together. Looking at them side by side, speaking and thinking, is riveting because despite Lourdes being 13 and Madonna being 52, they are the same person. They didn't like the pink carpet, but share the same favorite non-color (black); they have the same baby-taut skin and creamy, clear complexions; they smirk instead of smile in exactly the same manner that makes you really want to try to impress them so they like you; and they both steal each other's clothes.

The main difference between these near clones is that Lourdes says "like" much more than her mom and doesn't interrupt in as effective a manner. Consider this exchange:

Madonna: I think we compliment each other, disagree on a few things —
Lourdes: There’s definitely clashes but things work out —
Madonna: I wouldn’t have worn this flannel shirt thing but she looks good in it.

Ha, sister got told! See what other differences you can spot.