Fashion Week’s Tasty Seventies-Rock Trend Continues at Varvatos


This Fashion Week is turning into a seventies-rock revival. Iggy Pop delivered a vintage Stooges performance at the Pop party on Friday night, and Saturday’s ten-year anniversary party for John Varvatos (co-hosted by Original Moonshine) on the Bowery featured sweaty sets from ZZ Top, Perry Farrell, and Alice Cooper, with sightings of Jimmy Kimmel, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Aziz Ansari, and Mike Myers. Jeremy Piven told us he feels out of place in the front row — “Tom Ford intimidates me. He’s a little too good looking." — and Kimmel confessed that the most hideous thing in his closet is a bright-yellow sweater. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons embraced two blondes, who proceeded to pull on his beard while shouting “Santa! Santa Claus!” Cooper blew the house down with “School’s Out,” then walked out with Myers, who said he finally feels worthy to hang with Alice backstage.