Finale Model Falls at Burberry!

Spikes instead of padding. Sad.

If you were watching the live stream of Burberry's spring 2011 show, which just walked in London, you would have witnessed firsthand the dangers and tragedies runway models face. The show's finale model fell, according to multiple Twitter reports. Cathy Horyn suggests the shoes were the problem, tweeting, "Tough going for models, casting off heels," with a shot of the finale, the models fortunately standing upright. Showstudio calls the shoes "savage," while Nylon's Faran Krentcil adds that when a model lost a shoe, Sarah Jessica Parker clapped from her front-row seat. Stay tuned for more news on the fall — at one of the season's biggest shows! — as it breaks. And if you're wearing heels today, remember, ladies: You can never be too careful walking.