Fug Girls: Liza Minnelli Doppelgänger Johnny Weir Spotted at Isaac Mizrahi


"Oh my God," we said to each other at the Isaac Mizrahi show this morning, "is that Liza Minnelli?!?" We've officially reached our eyeballs' breaking point, because it was really, really not Liza Minnelli. The person in question was, in fact, ice-skating superstar Johnny Weir, who arrived with Bravo executive and man-about-town Andy Cohen and camera crew in tow. Is Johnny working on a new TV endeavor? He did just appear on The Rachel Zoe Project — a fact that the peanut gallery wouldn't let him forget, given that the girl standing next to us shouted out, "Hey, Johnny! I love your outfit! Did Rachel Zoe dress you?"

Johnny ignored her, and we're quite sure that the person who dressed Johnny today was Johnny. He was sporting skinny black pants, black patent shoes ("Louboutins," we heard him confide), and a shirt with Karl Lagerfeld silk-screened on it, all topped off with a hot pink blazer to which a giant fur piece (real, he assured reporters) was attached with a giant, rhinestone pin. It was all pretty resplendent — and very eye-catching. When asked about his personal style, Johnny shrugged. "You only live once," he said. "Life is a show." Considering his camera and boom-mic equipped entourage, we suspect Johnny's life may — once again — soon literally be a show. We can only hope it somehow involves him giving fashion tips, and that he remembers charity begins at home, because as we wandered to our seats, we overheard Andy Cohen announce that he's trying to will "man jumpsuits" into trendiness. We're pretty sure he was kidding. But we've also seen Andy's chat show, Watch What Happens Live, and it seems entirely possible that after a couple of drinks, a man jumpsuit might not seem like such a bad idea, and we just want Johnny to be there to intervene. Or enable, honestly — whichever option seems like it would be more fun. We'll leave that judgment call entirely up to him.

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