FUPA Stamps IN at Marios Schwab


Today is the last day of London Fashion Week; tomorrow everyone goes to Milan, which is when the critics tend to get so amusingly grumpy and sick of everything. But at least London wrapped things up with much excitement today. Not only did a model fall at Burberry, covered in spikes, with no padding of her own to cushion her, which is really exciting in a sad and shocking way more than anything, but also, Marios Schwab put tattoo prints on the runway. But before the all-too-obvious Jersey Shore and Ed Hardy comparisons really take off, let's turn our attention to the placement of the prints, which were on the typical areas like the sleeves and breasts, but also the crotch. It's like a reverse tramp stamp or a fupa stamp, if you will. And maybe this show tells us it's time to not necessarily reinvent the tattoo print, but the tramp stamp. Lots of people have tramp stamps (Lady Gaga, for one, felt she had to get more tattoos around her back and waist to hide hers before she became super-megafamous), but less people have fupa stamps. And at least if they're on clothing, as Schwab realizes, they're temporary.

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