Gregory Parkinson’s Designs Embody Luxe Bohemia

Designer Gregory Parkinson posing with his fall 2008 collection.

Gregory Parkinson is an L.A.-based designer who is one of the Vogue Fashion Fund's finalists this year, but he's not exactly new to the game. He's had a collection for twelve years, and he's available at some Very Important Stores, like Barneys and Linda Dresner and Kirna Zabête. He's been growing quietly and slowly, cultivating a devoted fan base that is attracted to the fact that he's got a look — it's that luxe-bohemian thing for which there will always be chic audience — and he pulls it all off incredibly well season after season. Last night he showed a collection at the W Hotel. The clothes were beautiful: printed dresses with rough edges layered with gauzy blouses and cropped little jackets. The whole thing was accessorized with a jewelry collaboration designed by the New York geniuses behind Ten Thousand Things. The one-of-a-kind cuff bracelets and enamel charm necklaces were exactly right, exactly what the Parkinson customer would and should and probably will wear next spring. The whole presentation made the point that fashion can be beautifully executed and true to itself without requiring much in the hoopla department.