In Fashion, Redheads Stick Together


New Glamour executive fashion editor Anne Christensen may have her hair to thank for getting her foot in the door in the fashion world. Grace Coddington, who years ago hired Christensen as her assistant at Vogue, remembers that the young woman stuck out as an applicant because she shared Coddington's ruddy mane. "You go toward a redhead," Coddington said. "At least subliminally." When the two ran into one another at Peels for a party celebrating Christensen's new gig, Coddington cried: "My daughter!" The pair embraced. "I was never in a clique," said Christensen, explaining that she loves being in her own little ginger gang. "We all love each other," she says. "It's like a big redheaded clique." Musician and model Karen Elson is a part of the clan. So is model Maggie Rizer. But not, notably, Coco Rocha, who only dyed her hair auburn last year for Vogue. "That was [executive fashion director] Phyllis Posnick," Coddington explained. "I didn't like [Coco] as a redhead. I actually like her much more as a dark-haired girl."