First Look: Avant-Garde Jewelry at Williamsburg’s Pop-up Salon


Tired of overdone studs, spikes, and mixed chains, Brooklyn jeweler Mia Hebib conceived the idea for a different kind of pop-up: an exhibit of avant-garde necklaces, earrings, and pins she calls art-jewelry. She recruited six other local artists and designers, who incorporated zippers, plastic, leather, gold, copper, enamel, and crystal quartz into sculptural, one-of-a-kind accents. The week-long pop-up kicks off tomorrow at the Metropolitan Green, where the handmade (and pricey) pieces will be displayed in a stark, gallery-like setting. They're not the sort of baubles that are meant to be piled on; for these substantial accessories, the rest of your outfit is just the canvas. Click ahead to see a slideshow of what's in store.

Salon: Inventive Art-Jewelry Exhibit in an Inventible Space, Metropolitan Green, 439 Metropolitan Ave., nr. Macy Ave., Williamsburg (347-678-2030); 10/1–10/8.