Kanye West Doesn’t Want to Wear Clothes That Compete With Him Anymore

He's right — the blush shirt is a nice look for him, no?

Kanye West recently announced to much (of his own) fanfare that he and his entourage have entered a new, more sophisticated, refined, and minimal era of personal style. Called the Rosewood Movement, it mandates that Kanye and those associated with his G.O.O.D. music-distribution company wear nicely tailored matching suits. "It’s so funny — I see photographs of myself from three, four years ago, and I had really similar look sense but it’s kind of like curating and getting rid of things that, you know, competed," he told us from his perch on the front row of Phillip Lim's men's show yesterday. "I had clothes that were, like, more in competition with me than complementing me."

For yesterday's show, Lim dressed the rapper in a dapper black suit and blush shirt with a black boutonnière pinned to his lapel. "[It's about] getting things that complement. I asked Phillip for this color," West explained, referring to the shirt. "This is a women's shirt he had, and I just felt this color would be really, really nice on my skin so I was really happy about it." (In fact, Lim's use of color is one of the reasons West says he's so fond of the label.) West's beauty routine is much simpler than his dressing process, even during Fashion Week. "I’m lucky if I just brush my hair," he said. "I don’t have a routine like that. I take a shower? That’s about it."